Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Notes From The President And Editor

Happy New Year & Welcome To the Blog and Monthly e-Journal: Jung in Vermont

Dear Friends of The C.G. Jung Society of Vermont,

Allow me to update you on society happenings over the past year -

The society has just finished its first full year up and running again after a six year hiatus. We’ve achieved quite a lot since a core group of women gathered together in my Burlington home on a chill October day back in 2007:

  • we’ve put together a solidly committed board focused on the educational mission of the society
  • revisited and revised where necessary the society bylaws and policies

  • reinstated our non-profit status with the State of Vermont
  • reconnected with former members as well as new prospective members through mailings and events
  • held two social-educational events, a film screening of Laurens van der Post’s life of C.G. Jung at Burlington College this past June, and a slide lecture on the Great Mother Goddess presented by Chessie Stevenson at The Fletcher Free Library in Burlington this past October
  • we currently offer two programs for society members, a Jung Reading Group and a tape lending library. For more information on both, please go to the Calendar of Events & Society Offerings page on our website
  • we are working on the 2009 calendar of events as I write and will be posting it on the Calendar of Events & Society Offerings page of the website this winter-spring so remember to check back periodically for updates
  • on the society website (discussed below) is a Resources page listing Jungian analysts, training candidates, Jungian-oriented psychoanalytic psychotherapists and Jungian-oriented psychotherapists practicing in Vermont as well as a listing of links to Jungian and Jungian-related/friendly websites that may be of interest to our membership. Both of these resources are offered as a service to our members and their listing does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the society.

We’ve also brought the society into the 21st century with this website and blog. This may be the most exciting thing we’ve done so far because of what it enables us to do: connect with members without the expense of paper, printing and mailing costs, thereby allowing us to use our financial resources for our mission of education on Jung’s life and work, on the work of other Jungians, and on subjects of interest to our members. Our web presence also means that the geographical distance that prevents some of our membership from attending events will help keep them connected to what’s going on in the society - this last is specifically the function of the blog, so let's turn to this.

The blog is the monthly e-journal of the society, presenting information about Jungian and Jungian-related events in the state and surrounding areas, and providing a place for member submissions of articles, reviews, poetry, art work and so forth related to Jung and/or focused on Jungian themes, etc. It is also a forum where members can engage in discussions about the journal’s content. The blog offers society members the opportunity to be actively involved in the society whether they’re able to attend events or not. To post your comments to on-line content and engage in on-line discussions, become a blog "follower" and/or post your comments in the "post a comment" section just below this posting. We also invite submissions from society members, so sharpen up your pencils and get your creative juices flowing. To start things off for this first issue of the e-journal, we've included the excerpted essay, The Reality of Psyche: The Foundation of Analytical Psychology. We look forward to your comments.

Regarding member submissions, material that is Jungian in focus, well-conceived and well-written, within the bounds of good taste, and that can be readily converted into the blog format will be considered for on-line publication. Please note that the editor reserves the right to not post and/or to remove any posted comments that are offensive, and reserves the right to refrain from publishing any submitted material that does not adhere to the publication criteria listed above. Only submissions from current members will be considered for publication. To submit material for consideration, please send it in Microsoft electronic format to: The Editor, JunginVermont@Burlingtontelecom.net and be sure to include the following: your full name, mailing address, phone number and email address.

We hope that if you are a member, you are excited by what you've just read and will take part in creating the society through your participation; if you are not yet a member, we hope you will become one and join the society at your earliest convenience. To download a membership form, go to the Membership Application page or contact me by phone at 802-860-4921 or by email at JunginVermont@Burlingtontelecom.net to request a membership form sent by post or email. I hope you will contact me at the above phone number or email address if you have questions about the society, etc.

With very best regards,

Stephanie Buck

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