Thursday, June 4, 2009

Notes From The President and Editor

Dear Friends of The C.G. Jung Society of Vermont,

In this edition of Jung in Vermont, we feature two offerings, one an essay by Dr. Sue Mehrtens entitled The Law of Cause and Effect and America's Future, and the other a review by the editor of Dr. Teresa Arendell's April presentation for the society entitled Psyche and Wilderness: Journeying into the Depths. Both deal with a similar theme, America's shadow, and both do it with unblinking eyes. In other words, each presents a powerful indictment of past and present beliefs and practices that have gotten us to our current situation. But there is hope. When asked by a distressed man seeking counsel regarding what he could do personally to try to stop the escalating conflict between the East and West following WWII, Dr. Jung replied "Help yourself and you help the World." This often misunderstood paraphrase of a holy man's teaching (misunderstood by non-Jungians as being narcissistic), can perhaps be better understood when coupled with this much- quoted saying by Jung, "The world hangs by a thin thread and it is the psyche of man." Shadow work begins at home. We hope to hear your reactions to these pieces.

The editor of Jung in Vermont is taking a vacation from the e-journal so, unless there is some update to the This Month section, the listing of Jungian and Jungian-related events in Vermont and in our neighboring states, the next e-journal publication will be in September. And, as always, members are invited to submit their Jungian-themed work for publication consideration. Guidelines are to be found in the January edition of the e-journal (in Notes From The President and Editor) and at the society website: If you have questions or comments for me, I can be contacted by phone at 802-860-4921 or by email at

With best regards,

Stephanie Buck

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