Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Luanne Sberna, Membership Coordinator, The C.G. Jung Society of Vermont

September 23rd 2009

Dear Friends of The C. G. Jung Society of Vermont,

Fall is here once again, symbolically a time of turning to the inner landscape for introspection and incubation. The perfect time of year for the release of Jung’s Red Book, which is bound to be a fascinating winter’s read. It is also the time of year for renewal of your membership in the C.G. Jung Society of Vermont for those of you who joined before April 2009.

Your support has enabled us to get the Society website up and running. We are now exploring options for a more interactive site that, in addition to the blog, will allow for the possibility of accessing our library online, participating in discussion groups, and joining or renewing online.

To renew your membership in JSVT, please submit your annual dues to: Luanne Sberna, 52 Willow Street, Burlington, Vt 05401.

Thank you for your continued support .

Luanne Sberna

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