Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Arts

Thanksgiving, 2005


To be given just enough

Surely is the greatest gift.

Yet how I’ve carped, complained, and cried,

Feeling my just share denied!

Sour resentment poisoned thought;

Envy and desire did naught

But conceal from me this truth:

I am given just enough.

Humble shelter, simple food,

Form not beautiful but good;

Pain enough to mortify,

Mindfulness that I’m to die;

Work for sustenance, not wealth,

Lest matter overshadow health;

Solitude, my natural state,

Scant society abates;

Love not passionate, but kind

Leaves me room to know my mind.

Just enough to soul sustain

Might free the spirit and the brain;

Keep one restless, yet at peace;

True abundance is just this.

Softly I’ll draw breath and sing

To see life in strict balance swing.

- Submitted by Emily Murphey

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