Sunday, January 3, 2010

Notes From The Editor

Dear Friends of The C.G. Jung Society of Vermont,

Happy New Year 2010!

It's hard to believe that the new decade has begun and what a wonder-filled beginning it's been too with lots of snow at a time when the weather's been so erratic and unseasonable - recall the couple days of rain right before Christmas....

At a recent holiday gathering, friends and I were chatting about the years gone by and what lies ahead, and I had the remembrance of being ten years old (so many years ago) and having trouble getting the year correct on my class assignments for quite a few months into the new year. My grade school teacher, Sister Purification, (yes, that was her religious name) would grimace when I handed in my homework and would scold me about being slow-witted. She'd take her bright red pencil and with a flourish cross out 1965 and boldly write in 1966 at the top of the page. From this perspective so many years later I'd speculate that this younger self didn't want to let go of the year just past. Not so today as I reflect upon the tumultuous events of the decade just past. The hope of tomorrow lies in today and the extent to which each one of us takes responsibility for our own work of wrestling with shadow, integrating our dark side, and living as consciously as possible on this fragile earth, our home.

We begin this new year edition of the e-journal - our 1st anniversary - appropriately enough with Part III of Sue Mehrtens' essay, Components of Individuation: Internalizing a Locus of Authority.

Next we offer Part II of an essay by the editor entitled Analytical Psychology, Science and Religion: Archetypal Field Theory and the Confluence of Psyche and Matter which focuses on Michael Conforti's contributions to the continuing development of analytical psychology with his work on archetypal fields. Both of these essays can be accessed in the Essays section.

In the News From.... section, you'll find information on a four-part seminar entitled Meeting the Archetypes sponsored by our friends across the border, The C.G. Jung Society of Montreal. This seminar begins in February and requires advance registration.

For event happenings closer to home, go to the This Month section where you'll find information on a talk sponsored by The Southern Vermont Friends of Jung mid-month in Brattleboro as well as a Jung Society of Vermont presentation being given later this month in Burlington. For the current JSVT Calendar of Events Winter-Spring 2010, go to the section Calendar of Events for Winter-Spring 2010. This information also can be found on the JSVT website under Calendar of Events at

JSVT has upgraded our website with a Join our email portal added to the home page accessed at If you'd like news of society happenings, event reminders, and notification of the monthly publication of the society e-journal Jung in Vermont, just sign up at this email portal - it'll take only a few minutes of your time and will keep you current with society notices via automatic emails. It's a clever device that not only keeps subscribers in the know, but also allows subscribers to forward society email notices to interested friends. Subscribers can discontinue service at any time, though we hope that once you sign up you'll stay as a subscriber. Most importantly, there is no fee for this service, a service that furthers the society's mission of educating the public about C.G. Jung's life and work as well as the work of Jungians who have continued his explorations into the world of psyche.

JSVT is a non-profit, volunteer run organization. Our events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted. Please consider supporting us through your membership - annual membership fees are low (individual $25; family $40; student $15; and 75+ free). For those who cannot afford the suggested membership fee, we accept what you can afford. Membership support helps pay for our web presence and for future programming such as bringing in outside speakers. Membership support is also crucial to our plans for converting our tape library, a valuable archive of lectures by prominent Jungian analyists, now deceased, to digital format accessed via the internet. One of the current perks of membership, besides supporting a great home-grown organization, is the potential of having your Jungian and Jungian-related work published in the e-journal. So why wait? For more information about The Jung Society of Vermont, membership information and a downloadable membership form, visit the society website at . If you'd like to speak with the Membership Coordinator, Luanne Sberna, she can be reached at (802) 863-9775 ext. 2 or at

Wishing you a Joyous New Year and With Best Regards,

Stephanie Buck, Editor or (802) 860-4921
THE E-JOURNAL: Jung in Vermont

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