Monday, February 1, 2010

The Arts: Like Sliding Mud

Like sliding in mud

Life is messy,

Like the smell of the earth in the earliest moments of Spring;

Musky, dirty, fresh, hopeful.

Like birth, bloody, scary, joyful, warm.

Life is messy,

Like risking love, fulfillment of life,

Never knowing if it will endure.

But we always, we always, take that risk;

Because the ride, though perilous and frightening,

Offers so much.

Like sliding in mud, we love; we fight for life; we hold on to anything,

Everything that will help us endure.

And we never, never give up

hope because

Like sliding in mud, there is earth beneath to hold us;

From which we came and to which we will one day, all of us, again return.

Submitted by Barbara Darshan

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