Sunday, May 3, 2009

Notes From The President and Editor

Dear Friends of The C. G. Jung Society of Vermont,

This month’s edition of Jung in Vermont is somewhat lighter in the amount of material we are posting, but it is certainly not “light” in content. We lead off with the essay, What is America’s Shadow, which continues Sue Mehrtens’ discussion of the American cultural complex addressed last month in her essay on American exceptionalism. This month, she examines America's dark side via the link between the collective shadow and the typological functions.

In our other essay for this month, The Religious Function of Psyche: Individuation, The Lifelong Path To Wholeness, we move from a discussion of psychic illness operative in the American collective psyche today, to a discussion of individuation, the on-going process of psychic development in the individual. Appropriately enough, the society’s May event offering by Luanne Sberna, a Burlington practitioner of Dance Movement Therapy, focuses on individuation in her presentation entitled, Psyche & Soma: Healing The Mind-Body Split. For details on this May 27th presentation in Burlington, click This Month in this edition of Jung in Vermont. Presentation information can also be accessed on The Calendar of Events/Society Offerings page of our website:

In closing, we make mention of Teresa Arendell’s presentation, Psyche and Wilderness, Journeying into the Depths, which she gave at Burlington College this past April. Teresa’s presentation, a wonderful story and myth filled journey into the interior wilderness of psyche by way of the outer journey through the wilderness of the natural world, will be reviewed in the June edition of Jung in Vermont.

With best regards,

Stephanie Buck, President and Editor

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