Monday, March 15, 2010

The Arts - Certain Trees

Certain Trees

My life is tied to the lives of certain trees;

A cypress on the high Oaxacan plain

That once defied the cruel Conquistadors

Still in buttressed majesty remains.

An ivied oak shades gravestones in a grove

Revered by Druids in emerging time,

The island’s tale inscribed in every seam

Of that rough trunk whose darkness spoke to mine.

At pondside stands an ash whose limbs bend low

To shelter travelers all at rest or play;

The soft corona of its foliage gleams,

Guiding a summer swimmer’s shoreward way.

Dearer than these, in Autumn pride most rare,

This maple guardian of our homestead stands;

Uniting heaven and earth it weaves the air

And holds my numbered years in leafy hands.


- Submitted by Emily Pena Murphey

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