Monday, March 15, 2010

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ASSISI INSTITUTE Summer Conference

Self in Exile - Psyche, Healing and Sense of Place
July 20 -27, 2010

On the Island of Procida, Italy in the Bay of Naples

There is something profound about finding one's special place. We become transfixed by its power, charm and magic. The beautiful island of Procida is just such a site, and home to our 2010 Summer Conference. The oldest island in the Bay of Naples, Procida maintains its charm as an Italian fishing village, and with its scenic panoramas and unique Mediterranean architecture, the island has served as the setting for several films, including Il Postino, a story of the exiled poet, Pablo Neruda.

Throughout history, humanity has recognized the power of place, and has designated certain locations throughout the world as sacred sites. While we have always known the transformative power of place, contemporary researchers are discovering a physiological relationship between place, well-being, and healing. So too, we find that while connection to a place can be transformative, exile and estrangement create a loss of Self, a sense of rootlessness in the psyche, and a longing for one's place - in both the inner and outer world.

Our faculty for this program, all leading thinkers and artists, will explore this theme from a truly trans-disciplinary perspective. We hope you can join us on the island of Procida for this special event.

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